Mission, Vision, and Values of Pequea Valley Fire Department
By Pequea Valley Fire Department
April 11, 2023


Pequea Valley Fire Department (PVFD) provides professional and responsive emergency services to
residents, businesses, institutions, and visitors of the Pequea Valley Area.


PVFD envisions an emergency service model that maximizes resources (personnel, funds, equipment,
facilities) to maintain adequate and timely service within a more efficient system. This emphasis on
sustainability will ensure PVFD retains the proper funding and volunteer commitments to stabilize
emergency service operations. PVFD will demonstrate leadership in all aspects of service by
establishing proven standards in cooperation with surrounding emergency service organizations.
PVFD will continue to enhance service capacity and capabilities through rigorous recruitment,
training, and retention.


PVFD is committed to fostering a culture that values cooperation, leadership, and standards. This
organization is the collective effort of Kinzer Fire Company No. 45 and Gordonville Fire & EMS No.
43, capitalizing on the opportunity to merge assets into one, unified organization. This cooperation
will support PVFD’s commitment to responsive service while maintaining professional operational
standards. Members are expected to demonstrate leadership at all times regardless of rank or position.
They shall have respect for fellow members while earning the respect of the community. This will be
accomplished through PVFD’s commitment to supporting and developing sustainable operations
around recruitment, training, calls, reviews, and community relations.